Right here in Transylvania!

Your Digital Transformation can start right now. Prototype, test and get traction with personalised solutions.


Right here in Transylvania!

Your Digital Transformation can start right now. Prototype, test and get traction with personalised solutions.


Solutions for Digital Transformation

We believe innovation is the word that disrupts societies, changes lifestyles and recalculates resources.


Concept to Digitalization

Achieving industry value stream through digital transformation with the aim of integrating Industry 4.0, IoT, digital services, digital platforms into industry processes and generating market value streams and increase in competitiveness.

Skills for Tomorrow

Updating the digital skill set through a wide range of upskilling and reskilling opportunities with an eye on strategic advantages, new markets, increase of capabilities, capacities and talent.

Innovation Catalyst and Orchestrator

Engaging relevant regional stakeholders and proactively adapting to European and global trends with the vision to catalyze the regional ecosystem, through co-innovative solutions, co-creation grounds, living labs, resource and technology transfers.

Human Centric Solutions

With an eye on developing citizen wellbeing through innovative solutions as a sustainable advantage in regional development, actions aim to link strategic intelligence to new markets’ development, focusing on new types of value and new value chains.

Transilvania DIH Functionalities

The purpose of Transilvania DIH is to create the ecosystem for innovation through various services.

Transilvania EDIH Concept

Transilvania DIH aims to ensure a transition of SMEs and Midcaps to new skills and technological capabilities for digital transformation, as well as to digital products, technologies and innovations.

Transilvania DIH
Downstream and Upstream Value

Transilvania Digital Innovation Hub brings together components of the local, regional, national and European ecosystem such as: SMEs, Start-Ups, Academia and Research as well as public authorities, various industries and works closely with other clusters for value creation


Partners of the same Ecosystem

Our collaborators are passionate and ambitious : clusters, tech companies, manufacturing companies, research and development institutes, universities, public authorities, lead in the same direction by Transilvania IT Cluster.

Supporting START-UPS and SMEs

Going digital is no longer a trend, but a necessity and we were quick to get that!

What will you get?

  • Innovative solutions to push your business forward
  • Competence & skills
  • Viable solutions for industry adoption

How will it happen?

  • Customized solution designed purposely to suit specific identified need or characteristics
  • Training, prototyping & testing
  • Creation of new value chains

Digital transformation

We have the resources

Transilvania DIH contributes, through the synergies generated at ecosystem level, to the digital transformation of organizations, public administration and the formation of digital skills and competences.

Unlocking the digital transformation potential of the regional ecosystem leads to the increase of organizational competitivity, the development of emerging strategies based on digital technologies and innovations and implicitly a unique proposed value.

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