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Call for selection

Call for the selection of beneficiaries for the innovation and digital transformation services provided by Transilvania Digital Innovation Hub


Digital transformation and innovation services provided by Transilvania Digital Innovation Hub

Ongoing projects


  • The fifth edition of Innovation Camp Cluj-Napoca, organized by Transilvania IT Cluster will take place from October 13th to 15th, 2023 and it represents a pivotal moment in the evolution of the regional ecosystem.

  • The European Digital Innovation Hub in Transilvania (TEDIHT) invites you to the Digital Talk Cluj-Napoca. This event provides you with the opportunity to gain a deep understanding of the advantages and benefits offered by TEDIHT and will provide clarifications regarding the second selection call within TEDIHT. If you represent an SME or a public organization and are looking for digitalization and innovation solutions, this is the right moment to inform yourself and prepare for the second selection call.

  • ”BOWI Networking Event: Enhancing International Collaboration for SMEs in the Smart Manufacturing Sector” One of the first initiatives brought to our region by Transilvania Digital Innovation Hub, the Digital Innovation Centers, will have its final event in Cluj-Napoca. This is an unique opportunity to witness tangible results and meet partners from 15 European countries, representatives of over 50 deeptech companies, and more than 15 European Digital Innovation Hubs. The event will gather representatives from the academic sector, small and medium-sized enterprises, clusters, and other relevant actors from the ecosystem. Moreover, this event represents an excellent matchmaking opportunity if you are looking for collaborators for future access to European funding and beyond.

Partners in the same ecosystem

Transilvania Digital Innovation Hub is a regional consortium consisting of 14 organizations, 6 partners, and 8 associate partners, created in 2017 by the key innovation actors in the North-West region of Romania.

Success stories

  • The digital innovation experiment aimed to enhance adaptability, automate processes, acquire new capabilities, improve quality, and increase efficiency and productivity.

  • Transilvania DIH played a crucial role in the development of this solution by facilitating the company's access to technical and business know-how, as well as providing funding of 60,000 EUR.

  • A technology provider from Cluj-Napoca integrated an Industry 4.0 industrial robotic cell to perform two main operations on the production line of West Side Production factory in Satu Mare.


Latest news about TDIH

  • The European Digital Innovation Hub in Transylvania (TEDIHT) stands out for its experience, maturity, expertise, and European connectivity, as well as its strong commitment to supporting businesses and public sector organizations in this digital evolution. Why is TEDIHT the right partner on the journey toward digital transformation?

  • The BOOTCAMP: Onboarding event organized by The European Digital Innovation Hub in Transilvania (TEDIHT) took place on February 1st, and was an exceptional opportunity to bring together representatives of SMEs and public sector organizations, beneficiaries of TEDIHT second call.

  • Transilvania Digital Innovation Hub (The European Digital Innovation Hub in Transilvania - TEDIHT), SMIS Code 161789 - the European center for digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Northwestern region of Romania - has successfully secured funding through a national competition. The funding is aimed at supporting the digital transformation of regional SMEs and enhancing the quality of services provided to communities by local public authorities.