We all need to continuously evolve, develop, and keep up with the world – and even more so, an innovation hub! Transylvania Digital Innovation Hub has grown and developed even further, and its presentation must reflect that. Therefore, we are excited to unveil a “refresh” of our image created by the Brandocracy team, with funding provided by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. We have a new visual identity that validates our commitment to our mission of strengthening the regional innovation ecosystem and accelerating the digital transformation process.

Our name has undergone a slight transformation aimed at emphasizing our purpose of bringing digitalization and innovation to Transylvania, hence we are now called The DIGITAL INNOVATION HUB in Transylvania.

As for the symbolism behind our new logo, the stylized “T” represents the first letter of Transylvania. The aligned lines represent the people, their businesses, the community, and collaboration. Our mission, as the Digital Innovation Hub in Transylvania, is to bring the right people together and provide the opportunity to create valuable connections.

The “T” is depicted as a roof or an umbrella under which you are encouraged to experiment, learn, create, and find solutions. The Digital Innovation Hub in Transylvania is a facilitator, a leader that provides support and ensures you don’t fall behind.

Ultimately, our mission and objectives remain the same: to bring people together. With understanding, relevant information, and expertise, THE Digital Innovation Hub in Transylvania guides you to create valuable human and business connections. We create a safe space where our community members not only stay updated on the latest information about digitalization and technological advancements but also feel comfortable with innovation, digitalization, and change, being inspired to take action.