The final event of the BOWI project, held under the title “BOWI Networking Event: Enabling Interregional Collaboration Benefits for SMEs”, brought together partners from 15 European countries to Cluj-Napoca. The event featured representatives from over 50 deeptech companies and more than 15 European Digital Innovation Hubs. In addition to them, representatives from the academic environment, small and medium-sized enterprises, clusters, and other relevant actors in the ecosystem were also present.

The event represents an important moment in the conclusion of the BOWI project and marks the success achieved in collaborating with various innovative startups. The BOWI project has been a significant support in building the Transilvania Digital Innovation Hub and has contributed to its development. Throughout its course, the project provided financial support of 60,000 euros to each of the four selected startups, giving them a real chance to grow and capitalize on their potential. During the event, two of these startups delivered individual presentations, allowing participants to get to know them better and discover the technological innovations they bring to their field of activity.

The BOWI project has opened the way for significant interregional collaborations. Through collaboration corridors, the Transilvania Digital Innovation Hub has established strong relationships with three other Digital Innovation Hubs, structured alliances with RWTH (Aachen University, Germany), Belgrade Robotics HUB (Serbia), and Sunrise Valley DIH (Lithuania), as well as collaborations with organizations such as TNO (Netherlands), VTT (Finland), KTP (Poland), and many others.

Through these corridors, knowledge transfer, business collaborations, and exchange of experience between different regions are facilitated. We believe that these interregional collaborations represent an important opportunity for our region to benefit in the long term from the advantages brought by knowledge transfer and collaborations in the field of innovation.

The final event of the BOWI project brought together key actors in the digital ecosystem, consolidating the position of the Transilvania Digital Innovation Hub as an innovation hub and promoting collaboration in the technology field. Participants had the opportunity to attend captivating presentations and participate in discussions, matchmaking sessions, and networking.