About Transylvanian Furniture Cluster

Transylvanian Furniture Cluster

Transylvanian Furniture Cluster is an associative structure that represents the interests of the furniture industry since 2012. Collaborations that occur between members of TFC or between the cluster and external partners create their own value chain, based on mutual trust, openness, opportunities and benefits for all involved.

TFC develops networks and mechanisms that are able to accelerate the exchange of ideas, good practices, innovations and skills from one member to another, regardless of the geographical distance between them.

Team Transylvanian Furniture Cluster

Ciprian Morcan

Transylvanian Furniture Cluster Manager

Ciprian is an experienced entrepreneur, manager, consultant, trainer and mentor. During more than 19 years of professional activity, he directly interacted with over 500 companies through project management, consultancy missions, training and mentoring sessions.