About Transilvania Creative Industries

Transilvania Creative Industries

The Transylvania Creative Industries Cluster (CICT) was established in October 2016 in Cluj-Napoca, being the first cluster of creative industries in the country, in order to generate innovative products and services.

Creative industries are those industries that originate in creativity and talent of individuals, have the potential to create jobs and generate prosperity through production and exploitation of creativity, intellectual work and ideas.

The cluster holds at the level of its members research and development infrastructure in creative fields such as IT&C, architecture and design, entertainment and advertising as well as film production.

Team Transylvania Creative Industries Cluster

Ania Pașcalău

CIC Manager

Ania Pascalau is the manager of CIC, actively involved in the consolidation and formation of this cluster since 2016. At the same time, she works for Cluj Innovation Park, which oversees the Regional Center of Excellence for Creative Industries – a center that provides infrastructure for entities operating in the creative industry sector in the North-West region.