Our collaborators are passionate and ambitious: clusters, tech companies, manufacturing companies, research and development institutes, universities, public authorities, lead in the same direction by Transilvania IT Cluster. Get to know our team!

Transilvania IT Cluster

Bianca Muntean, Transilvania DIH coordinator

Bianca Muntean is the Cluster Manager of Gold Labeled Transilvania IT with over 20 years of experience in ecosystem building. She is a member of the European Cluster Expert Group, DG Grow, European Commission and also has an active participation in different Consultative Councils dealing with digital transformation at local, regional and national level. Bianca was awarded the EU Cluster Manager of the Year title for 2019 and she is involved in engaging cross-sectoral collaborations all over Europe. In her quality of Transilvania IT Cluster Manager si founded and coordinates the fully operational Transilvania Digital Innovation Hub.

Alexandru Roja, Head of Innovation Transilvania DIH

Alexandru Roja has 20 years of experience in academia and research, with expertise in topics such as innovation management, entrepreneurship, strategic management, strategic intelligence, knowledge management and digital transformation. Within Transilvania Digital Innovation Hub, his role is as an expert in orchestrating digital innovation, at macro level by defining relevant contexts for innovation, but also the development of organizational and institutional capacities and capabilities for digital innovation and transformation strategies.


Mihai Pop, Chief operating officer Transilvania DIH

Mihai Pop has 10 years of experience in organizational development and project management working at both national and European levels. He has coordinated teams of projects funded through various national and European Programmes, like: Youth in Action, Erasmus+, EEA Grants and ESF covering fields like: adult education, VET, active participation and citizenship, youth and innovation. Strategic thinking, organizational development and assertive communication are some of the main assets used in order to make sure that the changes and results, envisioned in the various projects and programmes he has been part of, are obtained.

Ruxandra Tănase, Senior PMTransilvania DIH

Andra has worked for the past 15 years as a capacity building officer, trainer, project manager, consultant and executive director in the fields of development cooperation, conflict transformation and formal and non-formal education. Andra’s passion is to create environments of personal, organisational and societal strategic and systemic learning and development, and while this sounds complicated it is only complex and, at the same time, extremely feasible and magically rewarding when there is a will.

Andrei Martîniuc, Junior PM Transilvania DIH

Andrei Martîniuc has a degree in Management at Babeș-Bolyai University at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration and a master’s degree in Human Resources Management at the same faculty. He started his journey in Transilvania IT Cluster as an Intern. Now he is an junior project manager and he cooordinates DIH2 and BOWI projects and manages the administrative area as well. He is a remarkable team player, always adopts an efficient way of tackling daily tasks and pays a lot of attention to details.

Fulvia Iancu, In-house Lawyer Transilvania DIH

Fulvia Iancu is a member of the Cluj Bar and has been a lawyer for the Transilvania IT cluster for about two years, during which time she closely supervised all the cluster’s activity and the DIH activity from a legal point of view. With over 6 years of experience in this field, Fulvia is a graduate of the Faculty of Law at Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca and in 2017 obtained a degree in Advanced Legal Studies at the University of Warwick. Fulvia Iancu is actively involved in the projects carried out by Transilvania IT Cluster and Transilvania DIH.

Simona Burian, CFO Transilvania DIH

Simona has 14 years of experience in the financial field and has held a management position at Babeș-Bolyai University for 12 years. Her professional career totals over 20 European projects that she managed brilliantly every time, thanks to a good organization of activities, a feature that is used in her everyday life. Another organization she collaborated with is the Romanian Academy.

Karl McFaul, Transilvania IT Cluster

Karl McFaul is a future navigator, systems entrepreneur and strategist consulting on EU, city and business levels and he is currently working as an advisor, inventor and entrepreneur building one of EU’s Digital Innovation Hubs together with the team at Transilvania IT Cluster in the city of Cluj-Napoca, Romania.With a unique multidisciplinary career and outlook in emerging technologies, new methods and practices for the 21st century organisation and leadership, science and art, Karl lectures and give workshops internationally on innovation, digital transformation, business development and the future work and learning.

Ioana Corujan, Transilvania IT Cluster

Ioana Corujan has been a Senior Technical expert at Transilvania IT Cluster for two years now and has been working on European projects for almost 10 years. From the very beginning, she was divided between two fields: the humanitarian part, being a graduate of social work studies, with a master’s degree in psychology and she also attended the courses of the Faculty of Finance and Banking, following a postgraduate degree in accounting. All this experience is now integrated in the projects carried out at Transilvania IT Cluster, especially BISNet Transylvania – Enterprise Europe Network and Transilvania Digitală Innovativă 2.0.

Laura Goarnă, PR Transilvania IT Cluster

Laura Goarnă is a communication expert of Transilvania IT Cluster and Transilvania Digital Innovation Hub. She has a degree in communication sciences at Babeș-Bolyai University at the Faculty of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences and recently began a master’s degree in International Communication at Faculty of European Studies. She has worked for more than 5 years in media institutions like PRO TV, DIGI24 and TVR, gaining experience in communicating with the media at national and international level.

Loredana Miclăuș, Transilvania IT Cluster

Loredana Miclaus is one of the Technical experts, with solid background and skills for event organisation, network and partnership development, as well as for technical and coordination support. She has worked both in public and private institutions and for about 10 years she is involved in accessing, implementing or even coordinating projects with local and European funds. She is currently coordinating the Transilvania IT Cluster’s HR working group and eHealth working group and offers her knowledge to Transilvania IT Cluster and its members in accessing and implementing European funded projects.

AgroTransilvania Cluster

Felix Arion, AgroTransilvania Cluster Manager

Prof. Dr. Felix Arion is the General Manager of ATC and the Head of Department of Economic Sciences of the USAMV in Cluj-Napoca. Currently, he is President of the Network of Romanian Clusters in Agri-Food. Since 2018 he has been an expert for the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis, and in 2020 he was nominated by the European Commission, DG JRC, as expert appointed to assist the Review of the Industrial Transition of Romania in the field of agri-food.


Diana Chifor – Internationalisation Manager AgroTransilvania Cluster

Diana is Internationalisation Manager of AgroTransilvania Cluster and PhD at Department of Economic Sciences of University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Diana CHIFOR has over 4 years of experience at AgroTransilvenia Cluster as internationalisation manager.
Starting with 2016, she has managed the projects in which the cluster was involved. She has also been part of the team responsible for promoting the cluster image and establishing business partnerships with numerous entities from European and Asian countries.

Andreea Urs – Management consultant AgroTransilvania Cluster

The organizational spirit, the perseverance and the ability to work efficiently both in a team and independent, helped Andreea to reach a high level of performance in the projects she took part in.
Since 2019, Andreea has been involved in the management of projects implemented by the cluster, such as: AgroTransilvania Cluster-Innovative cluster specialized in the field of bioeconomy, Learn2Do4Entrepreneurship, 8xS3 = Intelligent Romania.

Transylvanian Furniture Cluster

Ciprian Morcan, CMT Manager

Ciprian is a persevering man of action, who invests time and energy in the ideas he believes in and is convinced that the financial benefits are only the consequence of work done with passion and devotion. He is a dreamer well-anchored in reality, which helps him keep his focus on important projects.


Andra Rotar – International Projects Expert CMT

Andra is part of the young generation, which gives her the biggest advantage: she approaches everything with enthusiasm. She is a convinced optimist and always tries new things that make her stand out and bring her a sense of well-being and fulfillment.

Valeria Manea – EU Grants Expert CMT

Valeria is firmly convinced that patience, consistency and curiosity are the foundation of success. She is characterized by the desire for development and the pragmatism with which she approaches projects, skills that contribute to her training as a professional consultant.



Ciprian is an experienced entrepreneur, manager, consultant, trainer and mentor. During more than 19 years of professional activity, he directly interacted with over 500 companies through project management, consultancy missions, training and mentoring sessions. He holds a bachelor’s degree at the Faculty of Law and has graduated from the Mastering Design Thinking program organized by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School of Management, along with various other trainings, having relevant experience and expertise in the field of new product development and innovative business.

Diana Chifor

Diana is a senior business consultant with expertise in accessing funding sources (national and international, private and public) and has over 5 years of experience in project management while also being a PhD student. Through the initiatives in which she was involved, she acquired skills and knowledge in know-how transfer, networking between CD entities and the economic environment, entrepreneurship stimulation, attracting funds for investment and development projects, business mentoring & development, strategic planning, intermediation for the business environment, establishment and consolidation of partnerships.


Andreea is an Innovation Ecosystem Assistant at OLI Hygia and has 3 years of experience in consultancy, project management and accessing grants. The experience gained in the professional activity (in national and international development & RDI projects and in strategic partnerships), and the educational programs followed (bachelor’s degree in Economics and International Affairs and master’s degree in Complex Data Analysis), together with her interest in cutting-edge technologies and solutions represent the background through which Andreea is a dedicated professional in the area of innovative projects.


Codruța is a junior consultant and ILO junior officer, with experience in accessing non-reimbursable funds and active involvement in writing and implementating development projects, respectively in strategic planning and development. Her education (Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and International Affairs and Master’s Degree in Sustainable Regional Development) and her interest in sustainable strategic partnerships (especially those focusing on RDI and technology transfer) have led her work on such types of initiatives.

Babeș Bolyai University

Darius Bufnea, Babeș Bolyai University

Darius Bufnea is a lecturer at the Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, UBB. He is the coauthor of four books and has authored over 35 research papers on topics such as: networking, parallel computing, and web technologies. His current focus and interest is on cyber security.


Laura Diosan, Babeș Bolyai University

Laura Diosan is full professor, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, BBU. Her research areas cover evolutionary optimisation, swarm intelligence and machine learning with excellent results obtained by hybrid models for image processing and classification. Research results have been published in journals and conference papers obtaining more than 300 citations.

Bogdan Mursa, Babeș Bolyai University

Bogdan Mursa has good experience in projects with applications in Big Data, HPC and Artificial Intelligence. As a specialist in these fields, he considered academic and research experience indispensable to his profile and therefore pursued a PhD in the Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, BBU. Bogdan is currently Teaching Assistant in the same department.

Anca Andreica, Babeș Bolyai University

Anca Andreica is the dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, Babeș-Bolyai University and she is full professor in the Department of Computer Science. Her research interests are in the area of artificial intelligence systems and image processing.

Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

Marius Purcar, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

Marius Purcar, (Member, IEEE and CIGRE), has more than 20 years of academic and research experience in the field of numerical simulation. Numerical modeling of multiphysical processes has been an on-going activity of the author’s professional evolution, even before starting the doctoral studies. His research and teaching activity are both centered on this theme, especially after the PhD graduation in 2005 at Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium. He published 3 books and more than 100 papers. Currently, he is Associate Professor in electromagnetism and electric circuits theory with the Department of Electrotechnics and Measurements, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca.

Mircea Giurgiu, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

Mircea Giurgiu is professor, PhD, with the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. He is PhD supervisor and coordinator or project partner in more than 15 national and EU-funded research grants in the areas of automatic speech recognition and text to speech synthesis. His research laboratory will offer test before invest and research services for EDIH in the areas of artificial intelligence based solutions to support the business sector in their digital transformation process.

Cluj Napoca City Hall

Ovidiu Cîmpean, Director of Local Developement Division Cluj-Napoca City Hall

Ovidiu Cimpean is the Director of Local Developement Division at Cluj-Napoca City Hall, in charge with european funding projects and the management of Civic Imagination and Innovation Center(CIIC). He has a Bachelor Degree in Political Sciences, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, a Master Degree in Compared European Political Studies and a Phd Degree in International Relations and European Studies.

Dalila Ciuclan, International innovation projects coordinator

Dalila Ciuclan is a young professional working for the last 3 years at Cluj-Napoca City Hall, at the core of the local development department. Her tasks are related to innovative international projects, such as ROCK(H2020), Innovato-R (URBACT), Cluj Future of Work (UIA), etc. Dalila is one of the first public employees within the Municipality of Cluj-Napoca that find themselves at the intersection of formal and informal roles in the internal innovation, her meta competences working as bridges in the tissues of change process of the institutions.

Emilia Botezan, Head of International Affairs and Foreign Investment Department

Emilia Botezan is the head of the Foreign Affairs and Investments Department in the City Hall of Cluj-Napoca. She has been in the institution for more than 17 years. In this period of time she came into contact with many international delegations and investors interested in Cluj-Napoca and with her department developed different tools for promoting the city as an interesting destination for investments.

Transilvania Creative Industries Cluster

Ania Pașcalău, CIC Manager

Ania Pascalau is the cluster manager of the Creative Industries Cluster Transylvania. She participated in the actions of coagulation and formation of this cluster starting with 2016, following that after the formalization of this entity to get involved in consolidating and developing the strategy cluster. At the same time, she works for Cluj Innovation Park, a company in the administration of which is the Regional Center of Excellence for Creative Industries – a center that provides infrastructure for entities which operates in the creative industries sector in northwestern region.

Transyilvania Energy Cluster – TREC

Oana Raita, TREC Manager

Dr. Oana RAITA is Cluster manager at Transylvania Energy Cluster and a 2nd degree scientific researcher at INCDTIM, the Center for Advanced Research in Alternative Energies. She has extensive experience in writing and coordinating research projects. She led projects as director / project manager and participated in over 20 in the implementation team.Within the TREC cluster, it maintains the links between the members, the members of the Board of Directors, the employed staff, the beneficiaries and the partners of the Association; look for projects that involve cluster members on their skills; presents funding opportunities and grants at local, national and international level; knows the competencies of each member and creates advantageous partnerships in terms of research-development-innovation partnerships between cluster members; organizes workshops with topics of interest to cluster members.

Alexandra Stoica, President TREC

Alexandra Stoica is an installation engineer, founder and Executive Director of DAS Engineering Grup – an entrepreneurship in installation company. She graduated from the Faculty of Constructions and Installations from Technical University of Cluj-Napoca and extended her education with an EMBA (Executive Master in Business Administration) at WU Wien. As an installation engineer she has run several projects known at national scale and awarded by national and international organizations.
She became one of the few Romanian auditors in international green building certification systems – BREEAM and LEED: BREEAM International Assessor and LEED Green Associate.

Mihaela Coroiu, energy efficiency & renewable energy senior expert

Mrs. Mihaela COROIU is an energy efficiency & renewable energy senior expert, with strong experience as clean energy innovation & development strategy consultant. She joined in 2008 the management team of EnergoBit, one of the biggest Romanian company acting in the energy field.Involved in many international projects for the development of the renewable energy and energy efficiency market in Romania, she has contributed to the elaboration of policies and strategies, regulations and financing facilities. She significantly contributed to the creation of the business model for founding the one of the firsts ESCO type companies in Romania, and also developed and coordinated numerous energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

INCDTIM – research

Robert Gutt, INCDTIM

ROBERT GUTT received the Ph.D. degree in Applied Mathematics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, Babeș-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca. In 2018, he joined the Center of Advanced Research and Technologies for Alternative Energies (CETATEA), National Institute for Research and Development of Isotopic and Molecular Technologies, Cluj-Napoca. He has published over ten research articles in leading journals of mathematics and physics related to boundary value problems in fluid mechanics, optical metamaterials, and energy harvesting systems, as well as two patent applications in the fields of microwave technology and concentrating solar collectors. His current research interests include image processing algorithms, artificial intelligence and robotics, and novel solutions for electromagnetic energy harvesting.

Vasile Rednic, INCDTIM

Dr. Vasile Rednic, senior engineer for technology development and deputy director of The Center for Advanced Research and Technologies for Alternative Energy – CETATEA, INCDTIM, Cluj-Napoca. He was part of many research projects (as manager/thematic responsible/participant) in the field of materials science and renewable energy. His main experience in the renewable energy field is related to: (i) design of co-generation systems based on alternative clean energy; (ii) heat exchangers for Stirling engine (modeling using Ansys Software and experimental testing); (iii) heat recovery systems from waste gas; (iv) concentrated solar power conversion through different thermo-energetic devices.


Dr.Ing. Radu Pop, employee of INCDTIM Cluj-Napoca within the CETATEA department having the position of Technological Development Engineer. He attended the courses of the Polytechnic University of Timisoara, within the Faculty of Mechanics, between 2005-2009.
After graduating from the faculty, between 2009-2011, he attended the day courses of the master’s program, Renewable Energy section of the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of Mechanics, and then also within this faculty he attended the courses of the Doctoral School, having as theme of the Doctoral Thesis, Increasing the electricity production capacity of micro hydropower plants, obtaining the title of doctor in 2018.

INCDTIM – quantum engineering

Cristi Morari, INCDTIM

Călin Floare, INCDTIM

Bogdan Belean, INCDTIM

Adi Calborean, INCDTIM

Liviu P. Zarbo, INCDTIM

Larisa Pioras-Timbolmas, INCDTIM

Stefan Gergely, INCDTIM

Doru Sticlet, INCDTIM

Teodora Murariu, INCDTIM

Radu Trusca, INCDTIM

Levente Mathe, INCDTIM

Luiza Buimaga-Iarinca, INCDTIM