Support to find investments

This functionality includes providing information on various financing mechanisms, facilitating access to investors.

This function is fulfilled using the expertise of all members in identifying, implementing and providing consultancy for the identification and access of public, private and mixed investments.

The Transilvania IT Orchestrator and its partners are recognized providers of expertise for identifying non-reimbursable public financing sources and investment funds, business angels, accelerators, banks and will continue to implement these activities in Transilvania DIH as well.

The startup communities created and activated by Cluj Startups, Cluj Hub and Freshblood are the most active, and the orchestrator Transilvania IT Cluster has the role of providing expertise for digital transformation projects, identifying mentors for digital transformation projects, creating synergies and identify investors in digital transformation projects.

Together with the City Hall of Cluj-Napoca, the clusters involved in the governance structure of the Transilvania Digital Innovation Hub are working on setting up a program to support and finance digital transformation projects in the city from local and private public sources.

The three gold-certified clusters in Romania, respectively Transilvania IT, Cluster Mobilier Transilvan and Agrotransilvania implement a POCU Romania Startup Plus project through which they manage to manage together both the financing component and the mentoring component, development partnerships of the program layers.

One of the partners of Transilvania Digital Innovation Hub is Cleverage Venture Capital, the first association of business angels that finance startups in the field of health tech with growth potential.

Startup communities & business angels